Who are IST

The Institute of Spring Technology is a unique centre of excellence for spring technology, advising and supporting businesses in every aspect of the spring supply chain.

We help businesses manufacture safe, effective and reliable springs through our software (Spring Calculator Professional), failure analysis and problem-solving, testing services, professional training programs and membership.

Based in Sheffield in the United Kingdom, we have a rich history stretching back to 1942, with an exceptional reputation for metallurgy and steel-making knowledge.  

Our dedicated team brings unrivalled experience to each facet of our business; with a specialisation in springs, we offer technical insight and expertise that no other organisation can offer, putting us right at the heart of the global spring making industry.



The Coil Spring Federation (C.S.F) was established in 1942 for the purpose of meeting the large demands for numerous types of springs vital to the production of reliable equipment to aid the war-time efforts.