Who are IST

The Institute of Spring Technology is recognised as the industry’s most authoritative and influential voice – renowned as a unique centre of excellence for spring technology – enjoying an unrivaled pedigree and reputation stretching back many decades.

Our sole objective is helping you grow your business – combining expert knowledge and advice with a wealth of services, unsurpassed and unequaled on a global scale. We are the only members’ trade association you’ll ever need as we’re right at the heart of the global spring making industry, covering all aspects of research and development, training, problem solving and testing.

Our spring design software is recognised as being the very best in the world (due to the spring fatigue data we have in our database). Our spring test machines are highly accurate and boast exceptional quality whilst our training courses educate, inform and inspire. We have valuable research databases amassed over decades of work. The IST offers all companies involved in the spring industry supply chain a wide range of specialist technical services – and access to a unique ‘knowledge bank’ of in-depth information.



The Coil Spring Federation (C.S.F) was established in 1942 for the purpose of meeting the large demands for numerous types of springs vital to the production of reliable equipment to aid the war-time efforts.