Failure Analysis

Springs are often critical components in a huge number of products and control systems across many sectors. As such, failure in service is at best considered unacceptable and at worst catastrophic, but in most cases, it is also inevitable. Therefore, we believe it is not only important to understand how the spring failed but why, minimising the risk of future failures.

Our failure analysis procedure incudes; visual, microstructural, and SEM imaging and examination as well as hardness tests and EDX analysis, giving our engineers all the relevant information to come to the correct conclusions. Although there are other facilities that can determine the failure mechanism of springs, we can call on our decades of experience and in-house experts to determine not only the route cause of failure but also recommend how to eliminate the risk of future failures. All of which is included in our reports as standard.


Over the years we have analysed a huge number of springs across many sectors. Over the past year, in particular, we have performed failure analysis on; wave springs used in oil and gas valves, nested springs in train bogies, commercial vehicle leaf springs, engine valve springs, medical auto-injector springs and Tuk Tuk suspension springs.  This is possible because of our broad, in-depth knowledge of springs and robust failure analysis procedure.