Shot Peening

Shot peening is a method of cold working the surface of a metal components by the impact of a stream of spherical particles. The shot is propelled at the components surface by means of air or discharged by centrifugal force from an impeller wheel. When the shot particles strike a components surface, they cause the surface to plastically deform, with hammer head like impressions into the surface.


IST’s shot peening service is unique - it is one of its kind, dedicated specifically to enhancing the fatigue performance of springs.  Over 40 years of research and experience of shot peening spring and non-spring components ensures that we use the optimum process parameters to achieve the best performance for your springs.



  • Improves the life of the component

  • Improves compressive stresses

  • Removal of burrs and metal flashing

  • Removal of scale

  • Reducing the risk of surface cracks

Our service includes steel, glass and ceramic media, spring wire / section sizes from 0.3mm (0.012″) upwards plus full technical back-up all rigorously quality controlled to ISO 9001. Our post peening services include:

  • Low temperature heat treatment

  • Temporary corrosion protection

  • Pre-stressing to stablise dimensions

  • Acid dip and passivation for stainless steel springs

  • Fatigue testing to validate the efficiency of the shot peening process

  • Duplex peening and strain peening available for suitable applications


Goodman diagrams showing the benefits of shot peening, with the life of the spring in its as-received condition expected to achieve 100,000 cycles in comparison to a shot peened spring exceeding 10,000,000 cycles.

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