Load & Torque Testing

We work with all areas of the spring supply chain from designers to end users across many industries including medical, aerospace, automotive, rail, and oil and gas to name a few. Typically, both load/torque and dimensional tests are undertaken to:

  • independently confirm the spring is within tolerances specified by the customer, or

  • if there is a discrepancy between what the customer sees and what the manufacture is stating.


This can be extremely useful to an end user as we have the expertise to be able to identify legitimate reasons for discrepancies between manufacturer and user and help to correct these.



We conduct load (extension and compression) and torque testing of springs on specialist machinery, designed to test springs. These are calibrated annually and have a range of 0.4 to 100,000 N of load and 0.005 to 100 Nm of torque.


We have the capability not only to measure the load or torque at a set deflection, but we can also continuously test the load/torque over a range of defections to confirm the rate is as expected.


As well as load and torque testing we can measure the dimensions of a spring, including (but not limited to):

  • wire diameter

  • coil diameter

  • free length

  • total coils

  • end grinding circumference

  • tip thickness

  • squareness

  • parallelism and bow

All results are supplied to you via a simple to analysis test certificate and we can test to specifications outlined in national, international or internal company standards, depending on the needs of the customer.