Wintwire is a Sheffield based wire manufacturer which has recently invested £300,000 in a state of the art cleaning and pickling plant for the pickling of wire and wire rod. Wintwire recognised the need to bring this operation in house as it had been subcontracted for the last 10 years. The new plant will improve quality, reduce lead-times, give complete process control and help expand the companies product portfolio.

The company is very proud to announce that not only has it invested in the newest equipment but it has also taken a bold move to run the pickling plant on new chemicals. This means the company no longer uses phosphate coatings on its wire rods. Something it recognised the automotive industry wants to move away from. This will help future proof the processes and the change in chemicals has come with an additional bonus of improved diameter tolerances, something that the spring industry can really benefit from.

Wintwire has the capacity to manufacture and supply spring wire in a wide range of grades and sizes. Wintwire offers wires for mechanical springs to both Euro Norms and British Standards. These wires are manufactured in both round and profile wires. Contact: / T:01226 763081