Spring Calculator Professional v2 – All New For 2019!

IST’s Spring Calculator Professional has established a reputation for excellence in spring design software. Used daily by hundreds of spring manufacturers, design engineers and material suppliers all over the world.

User interface improvements and customisation

Make much more efficient use of your screen by only displaying the information you need. You can define your own units, and it’s easier than ever before to find materials and search for spring designs. Upgrades are checked for, downloaded and installed automatically. Read more…

Your choice of outputs and exports

A new print template format allows you to tweak the standard printouts, or design something completely new. You can also create template files in Microsoft Word or Excel, and populate these with almost any information from your spring design. Read more…

Calculation improvements

The basic equations behind springs don’t change, but we have added some refinements and additional options, such as different numbers of dead coils at each end of a compression spring, and the ability for extension springs to have an open-coiled pitch and dead coils (to simulate screw-in or coiled-in inserts or loops).

Online functionality

Your Spring Calculator subscription (included with the upgrade or new purchase), as well as technical support and free upgrades, gives you access to our new online services. This will allow you to save your spring designs to databases in the cloud, and share designs with colleagues or customers. If they also have Spring Calculator Professional, they can edit the design and upload it back for instant collaboration.

Database options

As well as local database files (similar to those used within previous versions), you can easily host your design database on SQL Server, for improved performance and data integrity.

Commitment to data expansion

We are currently undergoing significant refurbishment and expansion of our testing laboratories. This will allow us to generate even more material performance data. Get in touch if you have any particular requirements or want to get involved in R&D in other ways!

Business intelligence from your design data

The new Data Reporting tool allows you to drill down into your saved spring designs, giving you valuable information about the springs you’re designing or manufacturing. Find out more about the most important materials, sizes etc, and look for trends over time. Read more…

Sounds great – when can I get it, and what does it cost?

The first two spring types (round wire compression and extension) are just about ready now! Initial availability is likely to be to existing Spring Calculator Professional customers. The good news is that anyone who has an active maintenance contract will get the update free of charge! If your maintenance has expired, we’d be happy to quote you for upgrading. Either way, fill in the form below to register your interest.