IST is an internationally recognised and ISO 17025 accredited test house.

We offer a comprehensive range of specialist mechanical tests for all types of springs and non-spring components.

A certificate of conformance from IST gives you complete assurance that your springs are up to the mark and enhances customer satisfaction. In addition, IST’s unique facilities can be used on a sub-contact basis for component development to assist the introduction of new and improved products.


We offer a fast, accurate and confidential diagnosis and prevention service – undertaking detailed failure analyses to determine the underlying cause of a product’s failure, and provide recommendations to prevent recurrence. Analysis could be a result of material defects, fracture, errant heat treatments, overloading, fatigue, corrosion, embrittlement, environmental damage or other reasons. We can also provide chemical analysis to check your raw material’s composition.

Common diagnoable issues

  • Raw material defects
  • Poor spring making
  • Design error
  • Abuse in service / high operating stresses
  • Scratches from coiling
  • Substandard shot peening
  • Hydrogen embrittlement

Techniques for defect detection

  • Optical metallography identifies structure and surface issues
  • Examination of operating stresses
  • Raw material chemical analysis and mechanical testing
  • Scanning electron microscopy to identify fracture mechanisms
  • Visual inspection by highly qualified technicians


Our calibrated load testing range is 0.1 N to 100,000 N for compression, with extension from 0.5 N to 80,000 N.

We can torque test up to 1000 Nm, including manufacture of custom fixturing where necessary.  We also offer non-axial load testing, elevated and sub-zero testing and long-term load stability testing.


Fatigue testing of your springs is the only sure way to validate the expected life. It can take as little as three days to test a spring to ten million cycles (usually regarded as the point at which the spring can be said to have infinite life).

Our laboratories have a unique range of both static and dynamic testing equipment, much of which is designed and built in-house to fulfill the most exacting accuracy requirements. The following services are available:

  • Up to 40 kN load, with stroke up to 250 mm
  • Cycle rates of 50 Hz / 3000 rpm (maximum safe speed of test depends on spring design)
  • Testing at up to 180o C or sub-zero temperatures
  • Load testing before and after

Torsion fatigue testing is also available, including spiral and clock spring types.


Our routine material testing services include; Tensile testing of wire, Torsion testing of wire, Optical metallography for structure, surface quality and hardness. Bend, twist and wrap tests, coating thickness determination as well as relaxation and fatigue testing.

Our facilities enable us to carry out environmental test for components which are exposed to extreme temperatures, salt spray and humidity.

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