What they're saying

​We're always interested why our customers choose IST products or services over our competitors, so, we decided to ask them directly.  Here we talk with Michael Gibbs the Managing Director at European Springs and Pressings about Spring Calculator Professional (SCP).

​European Springs and Pressings Ltd were established in 1948 and are leading experts in the field of spring manufacturing and high speed press technology.  From their manufacturing facilities in London and Cornwall, they deliver a bespoke service in the design and manufacture of custom and prototype springs in a comprehensive range of materials. They can produce anything from tension, torsion, disc, die and compression springs to wire forms and pressings.



SCP is our custom software created to design and validate springs under real-world constraints.  Since IST’s original conception in the 1940’s fatigue and material test data has been amassed and used to form a basis of spring design standards.  Utilising this 70 years worth of performance data and integrating it into SCP has proven to be an exceptional feature and a huge asset for all spring manufacturers and designers.

Michael Gibbs, Managing Director, Europe

Please introduce yourself, who are you and what do you do in the company?


"Hi, I'm Michael Gibbs, I'm the Managing Director here at European Springs & Pressings"


Why did you invest in SCP, what problems were you trying to solve?


"We’ve always used SCP. It’s critical to the whole design function and service we offer and enables us to solve any customer design problems that may arise.


We pride ourselves on being able to offer a whole variety of disciplines. Manufacturing tension, torsion and compression springs with diameters from 0.03mm to 65mm, we also have pressings and multi-slides up to 130 tonnes and have an unlimited design spectrum of wire forms. SCP helps us to deliver against all these disciplines."


What have you been able to achieve since using SCP? How did you do this before?


"Well, SCP has always been part of our infrastructure, I can't remember a time before it."


What would you say is the most useful feature of SCP?


"The Stress Analysis function."


What features sold you on buying SCP?


"We manufacture in a very wide range of materials and the SCP allows for this and is exceptionally user friendly. We really value the fatigue life analysis and the relaxation calculations."


What would you tell someone who's considering purchasing SCP?


"It’s an industry must"

Thank you Michael for taking the time to chat with us about how our software has helped you.  Spring Calculator Professional has certainly become a staple for many within the spring making industry with over 400 companies worldwide using the software.  We're now on SCP version 2 and development is well underway for version 3 to be fully released in June 2020.  If you're interested in finding out more about our software or would like a free trial please click one of the links below.