Used by spring manufacturers, design engineers and end users worldwide, Spring Calculator Professional (SCP) assists in the design and validation of a wide range of spring types. It makes use of a comprehensive database of materials and design standards that draw upon IST’s many years of experience in the field. The user-friendly software allows designs to be evaluated and the impact of changes in materials, design standards and spring parameters to be quickly evaluated, saving time and money. SCP has become an essential part of the design and validation process for hundreds of spring manufacturers and designers around the world.

SCP was created with decades of expert knowledge from the staff at IST and has been developed to meet our customer’s spring design needs. The user-friendly software includes a vast range of wire and strip materials, with performance data gathered over many years of testing in our unique spring laboratories, providing a wider range of fatigue and relaxation predictions than ever before.

Available in eight different spring types, SCP includes an unbeatable range of material data and standards. To keep up with global customers the calculator also includes design and tolerance standards and material specifications from around the world.

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