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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I buy Spring Calculator Professional?

Please fill out this quotation form, and we will send you a price based on your choices. All quotes are no obligation, and if you wish to proceed with your purchase, we will run through your payment options.

Can I get a trial of Spring Calculator Professional?

Absolutely! To get started download your free 7 day trial here.

How do I upgrade Spring Calculator Professional to the latest version?

If you are running Spring Calculator Professional Version 1, and you pay for maintenance, you should have received an email inviting you to upgrade to the new version of the software. If you haven’t heard form us, contact us at

If you are running SCP Version 1, and you do not have maintenance, a free upgrade is not available unless you bring your maintenance up to date. To bring your maintenance up to date, or pay a one off upgrade fee to SCP Version 2 from your current SCP Version 1 licence, please contact us at

If you are currently running SCP Version 2, you will be automatically informed by the software when a new release of the software is available.

If you are running an earlier version than SCP Version one, pelase get in touch with us for an upgrade price.

What are the difference between the different versions?

For an overview of the differences between the versions please visit this page.

I only have access to a Mac system, can I still use your software?

It is still possible to use Spring Calculator Professional if you use a Mac. You will need to have a VM (such as Fusion or Parallels). Please get in touch with us so we can run through your options.

Do you have any help documentation?

Yes. The help documentation for Spring Calculator Professional v2 can be found here: Online help documentation

I requested a trial but I have not recieved an email?

Things to check:

  • You have entered a valid and in-use email address
  • Your junk/spam folder
If you have not received your download link within 15 minutes, please email


I am getting 'x' message when I try to install SCP, what can I do?

SCP is complex software, and Windows is a complex operating system; occasionally, things get broken. We find that most problems with installing SCP are traced back to one of the following:

  1. An old version of Windows; SCP Version 2 has been tested on all versions of Windows from Windows 8 onwards. We only support versions of Windows that Microsoft themselves currently support. Please note: Windows 7 is no longer actively supported.
  2. No network connection or a firewalled computer: The software may require network access during installation and needs network access during the licencing process.
  3. Permissions issues. You may be trying to install the software from an account without sufficient access rights on the computer. We recommend installing the software with an account with local Administrator privileges. In some circumstances, an actual Local Administrator Account may be needed – consult your IT department.
  4. There may be insufficient space on the local hard disc. However, this is not a common issue.
  5. You’re attempting to install the software on a network drive. We do not support this.
  6. You’re attempting to install and licence the software on a Virtual Machine. Whilst it is possible to do this, most licences are set NOT to permit this.
If none of these possibilities fit your circumstances, please contact us at To answer your question as quickly as possible, it helps us enormously if you can provide the following information when you contact us:
  • Windows Version
  • Screenshot of any error message. If this isn’t possible, a description of what happens is helpful.
  • If possible, try to find out whether the error occurs on other PCs.
We will then contact you to resolve the problem.

How do I install SCP on a licence server?

There are two types of SCP Licence. A Fixed Licence: SCP is installed and used on a specific computer. Or, a Floating Licence: Install SCP on multiple computers; the number of simultaneous users is set by the number of licences you purchase. For example, if you have a two-seat Floating licence, you can install the software on as many computers as you like, but it will only be available for use on two of those computers concurrently. The management of the Floating licence is done by a piece of software called a Licence Server. A licence server is essential for all installations of SCP that use a Floating licence. A licence server is NOT required for a Fixed licence installation of SCP. There are three ways in which this can be installed: The licence server can be installed on a desktop computer alongside an installation of the main SCP software. The licence server can be installed on a Windows server machine or on a desktop machine that is not running SCP. We can, for a small fee, host a licence server for you on our servers. If you wish to pursue this option, please contact us at However you install your Licence server, it must be available via a network connection.

Click here for full instructions on installing a Licence Server

It's asking me to input a licence key, where do I get this from?

Spring Calculator Professional requires a licence to work. Several situations may give rise to this prompt:

  1. If you’re running a trial version of the software, you may receive this message when the trial has expired.
  2. You may also receive this request if you’re using a time-limited licence that has expired.
  3. The software may be unable to contact the licence server, or the Licence has been revoked/cancelled.
  4. You will get this error if you are trying to run an un-licenced copy of the software.
If you are sure that your Licence is up to date, please contact us at When you get in touch, please send us the following information:
  • If known, your licence key.
  • The email address that your licence key was sent to.
  • Windows Version.
If you wish to buy a licence for SCP, contact us at

Technical Help

I have a question about an equation what can I do?

The equations used in SCP are, for the most part, derived directly from the relevant standards. Where this isn’t possible, we have used best practice to derive our models of spring behaviour. Fatigue information is obtained from research data accumulated over the years in our laboratories. If you have specific questions about our equations or data, please contact us at, and we will do our best to help.

I would like my spring design verifying, can you help with this?

We can indeed help with this! When you purchase SCP, you get one year of free software support (Maintenance). Maintenance gives you access to new software versions and supports, help with using the software to enter your spring designs and validating designs. If you require guidance in interpreting the results beyond what information is given by the software, you’re welcome to contact us at If you need technical help but are currently not paying for Maintenance, we can either:

  1. Quote you a one-off fee for consultancy in validating your design
  2. Help you get back into Maintenance so you can continue with technical support

You might also like to consider taking one of our Spring Design training courses.

What materials and standards are available in SCP?

Click here for a current list of materials and standards in SCP. If you use a material or standard that you do not see here please get in touch with us as we may be able to add it or suggest an alternative.