A Strong History of Research

IST has carried out research in materials science and has created innovative and unique test equipment based on techniques pioneered here in Sheffield.

In 2016 we’re continuing this tradition with a new research project investigating the use of composite polymer materials in springs.


The Fracmat test machine performs comparison of the characteristics of spring materials using techniques drawn from non-linear dynamic systems theory (so called ‘Chaos’ theory).

By allowing comparison of characteristics of raw materials to be made before manufacture, this innovative machine saves time and allows greater uniformity of manufacture.

Materials Research

Materials research is at the heart of the data used in our Spring Calculator software. By performing tests on springs made of many different materials, we can provide our software with data unavailable to other similar packages.

To generate this data, IST has worked with commercial and academic partners in projects such as ‘Techspring’ and is currently engaged in a SPLICE project researching composite materials.