We are Looking for IST Members to Help Modernise our Fatigue Data

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

As modern manufacturing techniques have advanced so has wire quality and we feel now is the right time to compare our data against the state of the industry. Our data has stood the test of time, it is however our responsibility to ensure that this data stays good for the foreseeable future to ensure you still get the reliable results you are used to.

If you are an IST member we'd like you to get in touch if you are able to supply us with springs from Patented Cold Drawn Carbon Steel (Music Wire). This will kick off a much larger project to modernise other materials in the near future.

Full results from this research project will be made available to all members. If we see any significant changes in the wire data these will be reflected in our software and across other services.

If you can get involved please contact holly@ist.org.uk or call 0114 276 0771.