Who Are IST: A Profile

Updated: May 25

We are the industry’s most authoritative and influential voice for spring design, manufacturing, training, testing, software and failure analysis. We are a unique centre of excellence for spring technology, enjoying an unrivalled pedigree and reputation stretching back to 1942.

We have a fantastic reputation for metallurgy and steel-making knowledge, and it only seems fitting that the Institute of Spring Technology’s (IST) home should be in Sheffield. We are right at the heart of the global spring making industry, covering all aspects of research and development, training, problem-solving and testing.

Testing & Failure Analysis

Our independent test house offers a comprehensive range of specialist mechanical tests for all types of springs and non-spring components. One of the most popular tests is fatigue testing of compression, extension and torsion springs - the only proper way to validate predicted life expectancy.

One of our other core services is spring failure analysis, where we pinpoint the root cause of failures so that you can seek to make improvements and avoid losses in the future. It is vital to understand a problem thoroughly and the role that the spring is trying to perform; this is why we offer a full problem-solving consultancy, looking at all aspects and uses of your springs.

We work daily with customers from a vast range of industries, primarily;

  • Rail industry

  • Aerospace sector

  • Automotive manufacturing sector

  • Medical applications

  • Oil & Gas industry

  • Energy Applications

  • Transportation


In addition to consultancy, testing and training – we offer a state of the art design and validation software package, Spring Calculator Professional, and is used by spring manufactures, design engineers and end-users worldwide. Spring Calculator Professional (SCP) assists in the design and validation of a wide range of spring types and uses a comprehensive database of materials and design standards that draw upon IST’s many years of experience in the field.

SCP can predict the behaviour of a spring under different environmental and operating conditions. You can sharpen your design to see how it will perform under real-world conditions like limited space and visualise your work with 3D modelling and working animations. Evaluate the impact of changes in materials, design standards and parameters.

Our YouTube Channel is packed with video content about SCP, head over to discover what SCP can do to help you.


We have an extensive range of courses to discover. Choose from six 3-hour modules focused on fundamental spring topics, along with our two-day course, Practical Spring Design.

Classes are spread throughout the year so that you can learn online, anywhere in the world, with the spring experts. Our most popular subjects include compression spring design, spring materials and spring failure analysis.

We combine a mix of theory and practical exercises with lively discussion. Every participant surveyed from all courses would recommend them to others—a ringing endorsement of their quality.

They are ideal for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of spring design, materials and failure and is perfect for manufacturers, design engineers, and end-users.

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Call us on 0114 276 0771 or email info@ist.org.uk, and our team will be happy to help.

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