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Institute of Spring Technology

1 Henry St, Sheffield S3 7EQ

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Who Are IST: A Profile

Institute of Spring Technology is recognised as the industry’s most authoritative and influential voice for spring design, manufacturing, testing and failure analysis. IST is renowned as a unique centre of excellence for spring technology, enjoying an unrivalled pedigree and reputation stretching back many decades.

With its international reputation for metallurgy and steel-making, it only seems right that home of the Institute of Spring Technology (IST) should be in Sheffield. The city spearheads its steel and experience into many manufacturing industries around the world. It also transfers its expertise’s to surrounding organisations like IST, and its two highly commended Universities, guaranteeing Sheffield’s continuing industrial and commercial evolution. Our Mission Statement is “To be the best and most successful spring association in the world by continuously improving the standard of expertise globally”. We are right at the heart of the global spring making industry, covering all aspects of research and development, training, problem solving and testing.

IST is an internationally certified and ISO 17025 accredited test house, where they offer a comprehensive range of specialist mechanical tests for all types of springs and non-spring components, as usually just one simple test isn’t enough to suit every requirement. One of the most popular tests we can conduct is fatigue testing of compression, extension and torsion springs. This is the only way to validate predicted life expectancy. We undertake fatigue tests on a daily basis for customers wanting assurance that their springs will last the distance. It can take as little as three days to test a spring up to ten million cycles (this is usually regarded as the point at which the spring can be said to have infinite life) but longer testing is also an option.

Another service we offer is spring failure analysis, where we pinpoint the root cause of failures so that you can seek to make improvements and avoid failure in the future.  We offer a competitively priced service and provide no-obligation quotations in five days and even in two days when using our priority service. Once testing is complete, a detailed report is produced including certifications and photographic evidence. This is fed back and discussed with the customer so they understand why before the final report is emailed, giving you confidence that you have done everything possible to validate your springs.

It is vital to fully understand the problem, and the role that the spring is trying to perform and that’s why we offer a full problem-solving consultancy, looking at all aspects and your uses for the springs. We work daily with customers from a vast range of industries, especially;

  • Rail industry

  • Aerospace sector

  • Automotive manufacturing sector

  • Medical applications

  • Oil & Gas and Energy Applications

We know these applications must encompass the best quality possible, meaning any springs must be designed by an experienced professional and then tested to the ISO 17025 accreditation standards, mitigating any unnecessary spring component failure, which can be dangerous and unlawful.

Once your immediate problem is solved, it’s often advised to have some sort of formal training to help understand and improve your processes going forward, and for that we offer practical spring design courses at our centre of excellence in Sheffield.

In addition to consultancy, testing and training – here at IST we offer a state of the art design software package that is used by Spring Manufactures, Design Engineers and End Users world-wide. Spring Calculator Professional (SCP) assists in the design and validation of a wide range of spring types and makes use of a comprehensive database of materials and design standards that draw upon IST’s many years of experience in the field. The user-friendly software allows designs to be quickly evaluated, and the impact of changes in materials, design standards and spring parameters to be quickly evaluated, saving time and money. The behaviour of the designed spring at different operating positions can be predicted using materials data based in part on IST’s own research. SCP provides Goodman diagrams, Load / Length, and other graphical tools to help evaluate the design. In addition, our Optimisation option allows a design to be optimised to fit in with real-world constraints, such as limited space for the spring in the finished equipment. Graphical and test-based outputs are available, including engineering drawings, all with the ability to be customised with your company name and logo.

Our sole objective is helping you grow your business – combining expert knowledge and advice with a wealth of services, unsurpassed and unequaled on a global scale and we feel here at the Institute of Technology in Sheffield that we successfully demonstrate this in the spring and wire manufacturing industry.

If you would like to contact us we are open Monday to Friday from 8.30 till 5pm where our team will be happy to help. Please visit: alternatively you can give us a call on: 0114 276 0771 or email:

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