IST produces Spring Design software that is widely recognised as the best in the world, and the latest version of our Spring Calculator Professional program is supported by an extensive materials database. A vast range of wire and strip materials is included, together with performance data gathered over many years of testing in IST’s unique spring laboratories, giving a wider range of fatigue and relaxation predictions than ever before. SCP is truly international, supporting design standards from around the world (BS, DIN, EN, IS, JIS, ASTM/SAE).

As well as being available for Windows based desktop machines, a version of SCP is available as a ‘Software As A Service’ hosted package, and a browser based design solution makes high quality spring design available on any web browser. IST also provides an online, searchable database of materials, called Spring Material Selector, for spring manufacture, and members have access to a searchable database of articles and technical reports.

IST also develops all the software used on our load and torque test machines. This software is designed by engineers within the spring industry, meaning it uniquely meets the needs of spring manufacturers and designers.

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