Spring Design & Validation

Optimise the performance of your components with our Spring Design & Validation Service, available to both Member and Non-Member companies world-wide.

Did you know that 39% of all spring failures can be traced back to inappropriate design? Your springs are critical components, often operating under arduous conditions of service. The design you choose will directly affect the performance of your product or application.

IST’s expert spring design engineers and metallurgists can provide a complete design service to determine the optimum spring specification, material selection and manufacturing process to provide maximum performance.

Further details

Major benefits of this design service include:

  • Design solutions are provided for the most exacting of applications.
  • Our Spring Validation service allows us to determine whether a spring is suitable for the proposed application.
  • An extensive knowledge of all materials, manufacturing operations and spring characteristics, including lateral loading and non-axial forces, is offered.
  • IST’s highly acclaimed and respected technical software is used for assisting in the design and validation of the most common spring types.
  • Both the design and validation services are within scope of ISO 9001 accreditation.
  • Access to an extensive database generated from over 40 years of research by the only organisation in the world dedicated to the advancement of spring technology.
  • Assistance with supplier sourcing and support during product of first-off samples.
  • Spring design for automatic assembly.