At IST we have recently expanded our range of testing equipment and commissioned a new, higher capacity spring tester. Best suited for the oil & gas, and rail industries the new machine has a 100kN capacity and thoroughly tests springs up to 800mm and 400mm (16”) outside diameter in compression and extension.

Paul Batty, IST’s Testing Services Manager said,

“This is a very significant investment for IST. It allows us to further support our members and those companies operating within the spring supply chain, including spring users which we haven’t been able to properly accommodate and support before. It also highlights how far we have come as a business and we hope there is a lot more to come!”

IST is an internationally recognised and ISO 17025 accredited test house, offering businesses a comprehensive range of specialist mechanical tests for all types of springs and non-spring components.

Our testing services include:


Independent spring testing is the only way to have confidence in your products and design. Our ISO 17025 accredited laboratories contain a unique range of both static and dynamic testing equipment, much of which is designed and built in-house to fulfil the most exacting accuracy requirements. All testing is undertaken by technical staff with a specialist knowledge of the spring industry.



Fatigue testing of your springs is the only sure way to validate the expected life. We undertake fatigue tests on a daily basis for customers wanting confidence that their springs will last the distance. It can take as little as three days to test a spring to ten million cycles (usually regarded as the point at which the spring can be said to have infinite life).




IST offers a comprehensive spring failure analysis service for both springs and non spring components to spring manufacturers, material suppliers and spring users all over the world. This specialist service is covered by internationally recognised (ISO 17025) UKAS and ISO 9001 accreditation.


Material Testing Services are available for both springs and non-spring components and are available to both member and non-member companies world-wide (member discounts apply on all material testing services). All testing is covered by IST’s (ISO 17025) UKAS accreditation and, where appropriate, compliance with specification will be certified.


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