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What is Spring Calculator Professional?

Used by spring manufacturers, design engineers and end users worldwide, Spring Calculator Professional (SCP) assists in the design and validation of a wide range of spring types. It makes use of a comprehensive database of materials and design standards that draw upon IST’s many years of experience in the field. The user-friendly software allows designs to be evaluated and the impact of changes in materials, design standards and spring parameters to be quickly evaluated, saving time and money. SCP has become an essential part of the design and validation process for hundreds of spring manufacturers and designers around the world. SCP was created with decades of expert knowledge from the staff at IST and has been developed to meet our customer’s spring design needs. The user-friendly software includes a vast range of wire and strip materials, with performance data gathered over many years of testing in our unique spring laboratories, providing a wider range of fatigue and relaxation predictions than ever before. Available in eight different spring types, SCP includes an unbeatable range of material data and standards. To keep up with global customers the calculator also includes design and tolerance standards and material specifications from around the world. To find out more about SCP you can download the brochure here. If you’re interested in purchasing the software, find out the cost for your specification...

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Membership and Training at IST

IST’s Mission Statement is “to be the best and most successful spring trade association in the world”, central to this are the offerings of our Membership Services section. Membership of IST is open to any individual or organisation active within the spring industry – a manufacturer, user, designer – anyone who participates in the spring industry supply chain. By becoming a member of the IST you’ll get free, unsurpassed technical support and advice, access to our online database of technical reports and papers and a range of other benefits, such as preferential rates from our nominated partners in fields such as law and corporate travel. IST members can also take advantage of preferential rates for spring calculator software, annual subscriptions for our on-line calculators (for spring design and spring material selection), routine spring/non-spring testing and laboratory services, technical consultancy services, shot peening and ancillary equipment, specialist annual training courses, access to a range of technical publications and also advertising opportunities. IST’s world-renowned training courses are designed to give participants a leading edge in spring technology in such fields as basic spring design and material selection, manufacturing techniques and technologies and spring failure analysis and prevention.  The three day courses are held two or three times in a year in our Sheffield offices, and are delivered by our technically qualified and highly experienced tutors, who have many years of industry experience to draw...

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IST’s Spring Design Software

IST produces Spring Design software that is widely recognised as the best in the world, and the latest version of our Spring Calculator Professional program is supported by an extensive materials database. A vast range of wire and strip materials is included, together with performance data gathered over many years of testing in IST’s unique spring laboratories, giving a wider range of fatigue and relaxation predictions than ever before. SCP is truly international, supporting design standards from around the world (BS, DIN, EN, IS, JIS, ASTM/SAE). As well as being available for Windows based desktop machines, a version of SCP is available as a ‘Software As A Service’ hosted package, and a browser based design solution makes high quality spring design available on any web browser. IST also provides an online, searchable database of materials, called Spring Material Selector, for spring manufacture, and members have access to a searchable database of articles and technical reports. IST also develops all the software used on our load and torque test machines. This software is designed by engineers within the spring industry, meaning it uniquely meets the needs of spring manufacturers and designers. Find out more...

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Staff Spotlight: Adam Burgess

Each edition we will be putting a member of the IST team through their paces and asking them a variety of questions, not all business related to try and attempt to get to know them a little better. So Adam, its over to you… your turn in the hot seat. What is your job title at IST? Testing Services Technician What is your favourite band/ last gig you went to? Favourite band is too hard but a diehard old school hip hop fan. Was at the latest Outlook festival in Croatia. What is your favourite food? Probably some form of pasta or pizza, it’s in my Italian blood. Best place you’ve visited? I loved Granada in Spain. Dream Destination? Canada or New Zealand!  What do you do to relax? Chill out with my girlfriend. Favourite film? The Count of Monte Cristo – hands...

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Benefit From IST’s Independent Testing Services

The independent, ISO 17025 accredited facilities at IST’s head office in Sheffield have been designed especially to determine the fitness for purpose of springs. Our testing services offer analysis for each stage of the production value chain – material, design and manufacture. We can test all springtypes at our extensive static and fatigue test labs, covering a wide range of materials and sizes under a range of conditions.  Our experienced and knowledgeable staff have access to state-of-the-art facilities for metallurgical analysis. Our testing capabilities are: Load testing to 100 kN Torque testing to 100 Nm Fatigue testing up to 40 kN Failure investigation Metallurgical analysis Tensile Testing Corrosion Testing Mechanical testing Hardness testing Load and Torque Testing: Load and torque testing for both spring and non-spring components. Load testing: Our calibrated range is 0.4 N to 100 kN in both compression and extension. We also offer non-axial load testing. Torque testing: We are able to test from 0.005 Nm to 100 Nm, including manufacture of custom fixtures where necessary. At IST we have an independent, dedicated spring fatigue testing laboratory where we perform life cycle proof testing. We have the following services available: • Up to 40 kN load, with stroke up to 250 mm Cycle rates of 50Hz / 3000 RPM (maximum safe speed of test depends on spring design) Testing at up to 180ºC or sub-zero temperatures...

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